About Us

Allen Edelman Management (AEM) was founded in 2002. We are old school managers with a fresh innovative approach. We believe trust and loyalty, along with motivation and passion, are important qualities exhibited by both client and manager. AEM believes firmly that we are partners in our client’s career, and that having a 2 to 5 year plan is essential to reaching his or her goals.

As our industry is changing, we must remember that the fundamentals remain constant. The job of an agent and manager are not the same. Unfortunately, a good manager is hard to come by, as many management companies have found themselves charging 10% and competing with agents, instead of working with them. Realistically, a good manager should have no more than 10 clients. If a manager has 30 or more clients, they are an agent. That is not AEM’s approach. All our clients sign a contract. This is the clearest indication of our loyalty and commitment to their future success. The truth is, if a manager does not want to sign you to a contract, you should wonder just how committed he or she is to you as a client.

A manager’s job is to advise and guide (and many other duties as needed). When an actor’s career reaches a certain level, having both a good manager and a good agent is a winning combination. Both have their roles to play to help their clients reach their goals. At AEM, we work hard for our clients and believe in the importance of building a long-term, healthy working relationship.