Karen Malina White Returns To The Stage In the World Premiere Of “In The Valley of The Shadow” At The 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival

Allen Edelman Management client, Karen Malina White returns to the stage at the World Premiere of “In The Valley of The Shadow” by Katherine Cortez, directed by Elina De Santos  at The  2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

You can catch her performing on the following dates:

6/2 8pm; 6/3 5pm; 6/8 8pm; 6/10 2pm; 6/11 7:30; 6/14 8pm; 6/16 6pm; 6/17 5pm; 6/22 8pm; 6/23 8pm; 6/24 1pm.

at Rogue Machine in The MET Theatre
1089 N Oxford Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

June 11: Special performance & reception on the one-year marker of the tragedy, the day of the PRIDE celebration & #ResistMarch

IN THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW: An apocalyptic event in an LGBT nightclub changes everything; love becomes hate, hate becomes love. Inspired by a collision of events: growing up in an Orlando with no openly gay nightclubs; witnessing family friends hiding in shadows and losing lives to AIDS before it had a name; completing the AIDS LifeCycle ride; and The Pulse night club shooting on the eve of LA PRIDE.

FEATURING Larry Poindexter, Tania Verafield, Dylan Arnold, Ethan Rains, Karen Malina White & Rachel Sorsa